What are the Importance of Moon in Astrology

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January 30, 2017
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March 21, 2017

The moon transmits influence of all the planets to the world; the aspects and their state will determine the predominant influence in the question and what happens with it.

The Moon is important in Horary Astrology as a co-signifier of the consultant and the question. The position of the Moon, by house and sign, often shows us where the interest of the consultant is. According to famous astrologers in Pune, the Moon exercises the action. Astrologers in Pune say that the Moon is “like the verb”. It indicates action and the time. When the Moon does not make aspects and is empty of course, there is very little that the consultant can do about the matter in question. All the aspects that the Moon does while it is the sign in which it appears in the Timetable, both before and after the question, show us the events in the life of the consultant before and after the question.

The Moon in Horary Astrology plays an important role because it describes the hidden motivations of the consultant, past events and those that will occur in relation to the question,

  1.    As in all branches of astrology, a harmonious aspect between the Moon and the Sun is an excellent indication of success; and for greater success, find the moon under the horizon by day and above the horizon at night.
  2.    The rising moon is favorable for the issue to thrive or increase, for example, if we ask for a trade, the crescent moon indicates growth, increasing popularity.
  3.    The waning moon means to return, decrease of something, lost. If we ask if we will lose weight, the waning moon indicates an affirmative answer.
  4.    The full moon is opposite the sun and is problematic, but indicates the concretion of some project. The new moon indicates secrets or things that start.
  5.    There are certain situations that demands for falling of moon, such as reduction of woods and destruction of weeds but, whenever progress or growth is observed, crescent shaped moon is necessary to fulfill the desire. Full moon time is considered disadvantageous except when one requires secrecy.
  6.    An affliction from Mars to the moon is less bad when the Moon is decreasing in light than rising, while with afflictions from Saturn it is worse with waning moon, and affliction is less bad when Moons is increasing in light.
  7.    According to astrologer in Pune, the day that the moon goes away with evil planets, all things will be damaged and nothing will be the result.
  8.    If a planet doesn’t shape the moon, it reflects laziness.

So the Moon is said to be an important aspect in Horary Astrology & position of the Moon indicated the success.

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