J Bhattacharya

Hi there, It is my pleasure to share my opinion and personal experience in the form of review which could help others to find their right destination to find the unforeseen challenges and sought the legitimate resolution of the same. I would say, you help your self with a prediction of 6 months and live that span of six months to access if anything has gone out of his prediction. Believe me, it's good enough time when you would also start realizing that you have contacted the right person for all your queries. I think you would also admit that digging up an well after the damage done is not the best way of doing things. Therefore, you would be the right person to understand when you should approach Dr, Hazra.


Hi, I m Siddarth I know Dada since 2013. what dada said about me and my family everything is correct. One thing I would like to tell about Dr hazra if you have anything bad in your kundali without hesitation he will tell you in my case he had predicted 4 years before I will be taking some wrong call in my career because of that call I will have financial stress. Frankly speaking, when said I thought its ok year but now I realize if I would have taken his guidance seriously today I would have been in better positions. only one word I can say about Dr Hazra he is genius, he has very deep knowledge in Astrology and always he says I cannot change your destiny but throw Horoscope reading, I can make you aware of your bad or good time in advance. Thank you dada for you genuine advice .

Avijeet Sarkar Layyer (Kolkata)

Dear Dr.S. hazra it was very nice meeting to you .jan 2007 u told me i will get good oppertunites and there will be career growth, and you also told me with in december 2007 i will be getting married. Whatever u predicted everthing was 100% accurate Thanks a lot for your support and guidence, wish you best of luck

Dr Kamlesh Shah (Kolkata)

I was very pleased with the guidence i received from Dr.S. hazra especially it was very deficullt time during my medical school and career, He spoke honestly and gave me clearity and hope to move on through my exam , after 5years i have completed my all madical exam , i have completed my M D , Now i am success full in my madical career I wish him best of luck in his astrological profession

Paromita Agarwal (MBA kolkata) 

Since 2005 Dr.S. hazra have given me and my relatives excellent astrological guidence in various aspect of life. He is realy very good astrologer, according to me he is the best.

Anshul Dubey (mumbai) 

Often astrology is associated with belief system and religion, on the contrary, it is a full fledge a science. Unfortunately, people across the globe have made it matter of doubt and fear and mint money from people who are suffering. In my opinion, the only reason for the same is lack of understanding of the subject due to the sheer depth of the same. Dr.S. Hazra’s approach towards the subject is comprehensive and solution oriented. I am amazed by the level of research done on this by him and the accuracy of his predictions to precision of exact date and time! Technically speaking, I never thought there would be a be degree associated with this subject – which Dr.S. Hazra has – which ensures a structured learning approach and precise predictions. I recommend Dr.S. Hazra to the people for their unforeseen difficult circumstances in life. It’s more of a trust than belief, as it is more of a science and not religion.

Rajveer Kanwar (Andheri, Mumbai)

I know Dr. Hazra since 2010. I met him while travelling from Bangalore to Mumbai when our flight got delayed and we both were having coffee. While talking to him I got to know that he is also from Kolkata, my home town, so I asked him about his profession and he said he was an Astrologer. Infact, I was under depression because of huge losses in my business. I just asked him about my career and he asked me about my birth date & started making some calculations. After calculating he told me - you have lots of stress and the same is affecting your career. He shared his contact number and asked me to meet him as soon as possible. After reaching Mumbai, I called him & took an appointment. When I met him in his office he already got my horoscope prepared and told me in detail about how and where did I lose my money in business, who all were there behind it, etc. He predicted about my father's health issue and even told me the advance date of my father's operation. He told me about my sisters marriage which he had predicted to happen in December, 2014. He told me, when Saturn will transit to Scorpio only then I will be doing very well in my business and this would happen after 8th April 2015, where I will gain good amount of profits. He also said, I would be loaded with good opportunity in my career. Whatever he said everything has come true, even the dates were so accurate. Now I have full confidence on his Astrological prediction. He is the best.

Rohan Gaikwad Thakur Village, Kandivali East 

I have been facing hardship in my life since last 10 years. Looking at the situation a friend referred me to Dr. Hazra. I met him in February 2015. When I met him I didn’t had money to pay his fees. I have requested Dr . Hazra to help me out in the situation; to this he immediately agreed and prepared a file of astrology about me. He has given me the fact scenario of my life and suggested what all things need to be done and followed to get out of the situation. After meeting him I felt that my life is going to change with the help of his knowledge and guidance. Now I have a very positive approach towards my life and I have restarted to work on the opportunities which has made my life easier. This is all due to the guidance of Dr. Hazra. As per his calculations he informed that there will be health concerns to my Father in law and it happened to be true. My Father in law had to be operated for Hernia during the time suggested by Dr. Hazra. I appreciate his calculations and accurate predictions to exact Date and Time. He is like a life savior to me and my family. It is observed by me that to live a positive life; we need to have a support and guidance of a person who has a deep knowledge of astrology, and all the credit goes to Dr. Hazra.

Anirban Bangalore

What separates Dr. Shyam Hazra from other astrologers is his confidence. He does no speak in probabilities. He says with certainty - ' this will happen'. I think he has right to this confidence because so far he has been always right - atleast in my case. It is uncanny how me makes predictions, but those come true as prophecies. I wish it will continue to happen in my life.

Saumya Rajesh Badgayan (mumbai)

In this world where we are witnessing pseudo godman's and miracle creators, Dr.S. Hazra comes across as a genuine gentleman willing to hear and help. My husband was not well, So I googled famous astrologers in Mumbai that I could seek help from. I called up Dr.S. Hazra's office seeking appointment but on the day of meeting him an unknown fear of what the stars would hold for me grabbed me and I developed cold feet. I told his secretary that I will send someone and pay his fees but will go to meet him. In nxt 5mins Dr.S. Hazra called up and convinced me to meet him. His advice has been wonderful and he forfeited his fees for me as he knew the financial troubles that I am in. My family shall always remain indebted to Dr.S. Hazra --- our hope when there was none.

Harmandeep Kaur Gill (Sydney, Australia) 

I'm Harmandeep Kaur Gill, from Kolkata. I never had any staunch belief in astrology even after knowing the fact about its scientific dealing with the cosmo rays and positions of planets in the universe. I had been to a number of astrologers for predicting my future but none of them answered my question confidently. Finally it was Dr. Hazra who gave every detail of my bad and good time in past with proper reasoning. I never shared anything with him about my past but still whatever he said was very true. I suffered a neurological problem that made me knock every astrologer's door. But it was Dr. Hazra who put limelight and gave me the hope and his every predictions has matched till date. He is very much clear with his predictions. I am not giving you any false hopes. He is the best astrologer I have ever met till date. He can show your future image through his pen. I thank him for getting back my confidence and belief in astrology. As predicted by Dr. S.Hazra, I have moved to Australia for higher studies.

Subhas Jain, Mumbai

Hi, This is Subhas Jain I know Dr Hazra since 2012. I just google astrologer in Mumbai and found astrologycreative.com. When I met Dr. Hazra, I was very much upset and frustrated in my career nothing was going in my favour, Hazra ji told me everything about my past and he also told me the reason behind, at that time he said once RAHU mahadasha will start from 2014 june onwards your life would be changed. You will earn lot of money. Friends you won't believe, I was working in some financial institution but never ever invested any money to share market. I borrowed some money from one of cousin who stays in US and started future trading in share market which is call intraday trading. After few month again I met Dr Hazra this time he said in which sector I should invest and I started taking regular consultation from Dr Hazra you won't believe two months ago I bought house in Mumbai in posh locality, I'm not lying to you guys Dr Hazra even predicted about month of june financial turmoil , so what to say about Dr Hazra he is just genius he is god man to me. I'm blessed that I'm in touch with Dr Hazra he is great. I want to say some personal things, I was involve with one girl into a serious relation everything was going fine. I showed her Horoscope to Dr Hazra he said she will not marry you she will be getting married with inter cast guys who lives in Dubai you won't believe same thing has happen as predicted. Dr Hazra so I don’t want to say much about Hazra ji unless you meet him you won't be able understand how potential he is. He could be your real guide Hazra ji can make your future path easy. All the best to Dr Hazra.

Amit Srivastava

Dear Dr Hazra This is Amit Srivastava i came to you for consultation on 4th august 2015. You have advised me to take up acting as a career and predicted quick success. Well it has not been so quick but i have finally managed to get a lead role in a film. Most probably my shooting will be completed in the month of July. Thanks for your guidance. Now i am in Australia wanted to meet you personally an say thanks to you but i cant come till my shoot is over it was your conviction that i will be able to make my career in film industry and you are absolutely right. I never thought that your prediction will be so accurate. You also asked me to wear pearl in index finger & wanted to talk to you about that also what type of pearl i should wear. Dr Hazra one thing i want to tell you that it is only because of my trust in you that i have been fighting all odds to become an actor, honestly speaking otherwise i would have left this field long ago. Thanks for your timely and precious advice.

Chinarr Sonawane

A Ph. D in astrology, Dr. Hazra proves beyond doubt that astrology is not a myth, but its a complete in depth study which is most needed in today's unpredictive world. After my personal experience with Dr. Hazra, have send my 20-30 friends, relatives and colleagues & no one were disappointed by his readings. Infact all were astonished by his accuracy.

Amit Helegaonkar

I was referred to Dr. Hazra by my friend Chinar and was astounded by the sheer accuracy with which he narrates one's past. His predictions about the future are certainly worth looking forward to. My friends who took his advice too haven't been disappointed by his services.

Jhumjhum Chakroborty, (Mumbai)

Dr.S. hazra has been really very accurate with his predictions and taking into consideration my personal experience i can say that he has been helpful in so lving my issues. I have been greatly benefited by him.

Anindya chatterjee, (Mumbai)

I Would the Opportunity to express for your Contribution to Making 2011 a very pleasant year in my life.I hope and play and pray 2012 is a fantastic beginning to multiple, incessant..

Preety Menon (Mumbai)

I would appreciate Dr.S. hazra s very accurate prediction. He is very professional astrologer in todays dynamic world.I know him last 6years , i m very much satisfied with his accuracy of prediction. He explain things by giving lot many examples so that it becomes esier for people to understand the things Iwish him best of luck for his great work in future

Sangita Advani (Mumbai)

We know Dr.S. hazra last 9 years me and my family benifited from his astrological guidences, we take major decision of our lives only after consulting him. I know many people who have been quite impressed with his unccany prediction. According to me he is a genious in astrology. I wish him all the best for his new website