Know About Dr. S. Hazra

According to Dr. S. Hazra, 'astrology' is a vivid term and hence many people define it in different ways because the perspective varies from person to person. Some view it as a superstition and some firmly believes it to be spiritual. Being the best astrologer in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore (Bengaluru), I am a committed & an established astrologist and I define astrology to be purely scientific. There are number of arguments about this fact, whether it is a science or a superstition. But being so energetically and actively connected to this field, I would definitely oppose the accusation of superstition. It is purely scientific in nature where get qualified as a science the subject needs two important aspects: Firstly, it has to empirically sound and secondly, it must involve quantitative measure. Astrology qualifies both its qualifier perfectly.

'Astrology Creative', the name of my brand evolves its name from the creative implication that I impart in my execution of prediction. It covers a wide spectrum starting from predicting to implicating precautions and prevention. Astrology, as a practice, is also a diverse phenomenon. Many astrologers practice it in various ways but my practice solely depends on my creativity. This justifies the name of my brand.

My creativity lies in predicting some unbeatable truth which may sound like a change factor to any lay man but turns out to be perfectly true. Some unusual phenomenon like predicting serious health issues and totally unpredictable life events is not solely dependent on the strength of astrology but is highly dependent on the creativity one acquires not only from education but also from inherent potential which is only possible when a person has the passion and commitment towards it.

As a famous astrologer in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore (Bengaluru), all my clients behold my services and guidance because what I practice is not only empirically tested but also is very creative. Apart from Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore (Bengaluru), my spectrum of practice spreads in the other multiple cities all over India like Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kolkata (Calcutta), etc. My primary aim in this field is to spread my creativity worldwide for the sole welfare and well-being of mankind. What we need today is fully functioning human beings and that what my creativity wants to imparts.

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