Astrology Can Make a Difference to Your Life

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July 7, 2017
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September 4, 2017

Since 1000s of years, the study of Astrology is a field of growing interest. Many known saints and astrologers have said time and again that the position of the celestial objects have played a vital role in our very existence. From our birth, the powers of the planets and stars have contributed to not just the long term goals, but also daily developments. How far these celestial objects have a role in our lives? How many of the scriptures detailing their attributes have known to be true? How come they came into existence?

Let’s debunk some myths.

The early origins of astrology has been found in the Indo-European origins to identify the changing seasons, the directions, as well as communication patterns from The Divine, unknown. This was as early as the 3rd century BCE. However, scientific reasoning of such astrological practices came to be known only since the 17th century. This ushered in a new wave of not just stars and their effects on the horoscopes, but logically answered as to its effects in medicine and meteorology.

The first step towards understanding astrology can be documented as early as more than 20,000 years ago via the paintings on the walls, bone carvings which were about understanding the effects of moon on tides. However, Babylonian astrology is considered as the first constructed form of astrology. Egypt, Greece and Rome followed suit with their conquests and spread of knowledge and shared cultures.

Parallel to these events, astrology in India and China was developing predominantly. Vedas, Brihat Samhita and Bhrigu Samhita are the early complilations of the knowledge of horoscopes. The third compilation is said to have more than 5 million horoscopes of people who have lived in the past and will live in the future. It cannot be wrong to say that India actively developed astronomy with astrology. Every incident was given a logical reason and the scientific aspects were well documented by the sages.

We pay our ode to the Gods by the form of chants. These chants are directed towards the supreme beings, considered as simply positive energy to forms we pray to today. In any case, these chants, yoga postures and hymns exist in the scriptures which are passed down from generations. They have described how each planet, moon and the sun in our solar system affect the energy that is around us.

One another perspective granted by astrology to mankind is the zodiac system. Governed by the planets, their positions during certain time of the months and the birth time of the person, we draw horoscopes, clearly mentioning the zodiac of the person and the traits of the person as per the zodiac. These zodiac signs are constellations which affect our qualities, our personalities, our effect on any person and so on.

These zodiac signs play a major role in deciding the future. It may be a matter of debate that the future is uncertain and that no one, except the divine being, can know the future. Astrology, irrespective of the speculations today which say is a complete bluff, is actually a combined product of astronomy, science and maths. The mere numbers we see on the horoscopes can depict our lives to a certain extent. They may not show the exact decisions but show what kind of path we are destined to follow and /or are expected to meet.

There are many famous astrologers in Mumbai who are profoundly known to predict the exact details of many. It’s always a good option to take an expert opinion before starting something new or auspicious. Certain planets have more effects than the others and can cause the spread of negative energies. There are many good astrologers in Mumbai to consult and begin your new prospects. Ultimately, it’s belief that leads you to success.

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