How the Movements of Planets and Stars Affect Our Life?

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February 27, 2017
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April 27, 2017

The planets are certainly stray stones in the sky and the stars are certainly enormous gaseous masses, but their movements are so regular that the more regular you cannot, because they obey the laws of the cosmos which also underlies our body, whose organs work automatically and unconsciously.

The atoms of our liver do not differ from those of the Moon and the planet Jupiter. But even if the man was not made up of electrons, vibration and pulsation, power as the rest of creation, our unconscious or instinctual self-recorded the dawn of time that (the old and cold) Saturn opposes the Sun (warm, vital and shiny), that Mars is the god of war and Venus, the goddess of love, so our rationality, consciousness, that was born only “yesterday”, even if he could not undo these beliefs archetypal mighty , whose symbolism, as every psychologist knows, it is actually essential for the harmonious development of our personality and inner balance achievement!

Good astrologers in Mumbai say that planets do not affect us directly, but act first on the place for which the horoscope is calculated, both at the time of birth at any time. It is the place that first hit by adverse transits, which clearly explains the simultaneous death of several people, for example, as a result of a plane crash. When an earthquake happens, it is the place for before it is affected by the disaster, and consequently also the people suffer the consequences!

Astrologer in Mumbai also say that that many animals become restless when it is about to occur an environmental disaster because their unconscious instinctual, which is not unlike ours, is closely connected with the place on Earth that is one with the universe. There is a subtle interaction of all things, both small (microcosm) and large (the macrocosm).

This is the reason that the planets really have a significant influence on human beings through the unconscious that is one with the place where we are at any given time, and their influence becomes uncontrollable and dangerous especially when the personal unconscious is sick, or what is the same, when the consciousness, the self, is weak and powerless because they easily lose control of the situation! Which is unfortunately occurs too many times in the course of a life.

When the conscious does not get along with the unconscious is always the latter that wins, that is the irrational part and analog man, and have trouble, because more or less chaste instincts, slowed or deflected by the superego, activated by transits of the planets, they act undisturbed and aggravated internal conflicts and “exhausting” the vital energies!

Some astrologers in Mumbai practice astrology to look for signs in the stars or warnings about the future, information that can be useful in many ways to those who are aware. Famous astrologers in Mumbai  feel that astrology actually foreteller of what actions we are destined to fulfill, or who can help us set the right moment to carry out certain activities or implement a particular project. Such information would be obtained by observing the alignment of certain heavenly bodies and “calculating” how they interact with each other and with the earth. The influence they have on each individual would depend on their alignment at the time of his birth.


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