A Scientific Introduction To The Question “How Astrology Works”

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In India, consulting a professional astrologer is among the more common “Traditional” practices. Whether they genuinely believe in the concepts and ideas of astrology or not; there are deep social cultural ties for any Indian (in cities or in rural society) with the practice of consulting a “Professional” astrologer.

In Thane, (or other places) near Mumbai – people would generally be wise enough to ONLY consult a reputed, and qualified astrologer. To better understand the work of reputably “Good” Astrologers in Mumbai, it is important understand their work =and the science of Astrology as a traditional part of Indian life and culture.

Among the most famous astrologers, few experts will collaborate multiple aspects of this science in their professional practice. However, this is also vital, since astrology uses a combination of sciences to make “Predictions”.

“God” has NOTHING to do with astrology (which many may already believe) – But also, it’s not ALL science and calculations! All qualified astrologers in Mumbai (or across the world) will definitely agree that there is no “Magic” involved in their work.

While subjects like Horoscopes and Numerology are a part of Practicing Astrology; there are other aspects that have more to do with Astronomy, and our place in the universe. It is a science of Faith as well as Mathematics, but never “Magic” in any form.

It’s not ONLY the work and suggestions of any professional astrologer in Thane (or Elsewhere) that you may have consulted that matter. In a very basic sense – “How Astrology Works” depends on how positively YOU “Feel” about its effects!

One of the ideas in understanding “How” astrology works is looking into “What” you are asked to do by your professional astrologer. In Thane, most people would be careful before purchasing gemstones and lucky charms, or spending much on Astrology.

Most of the good astrologers in mumbai, will tell you that Astrology is about ‘Perspective’ and not ‘Prediction’. While the science WILL be able to accurately predict oncoming scenarios; there is nothing such as “Guaranteed” prediction!

Any professional astrologer will ONLY be able to give you a clearer idea of the way future events will unfold – remember that your lifestyle has much more to do with such a prediction than the qualification / reputation of your astrologer!

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