6 Fascinating Facts About Professional Astrology

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June 1, 2016
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Understanding that you believe in the science behind astrology, you may need the help of a professional astrologer in Mumbai.
This may mean that you’re starting a new venture, and need advice on Numerology – or that you’re generally going through a bad phase, and need more in-depth analysis and suggestions.
However, before you consult any astrologer in Mumbai (or in fact anywhere) – it is important to know some facts about Astrology that may help you find a consultant –

Fact #1 – Your Horoscope is Already Set
When consulting any professional Astrologer (in Mumbai or elsewhere) – remember that a Horoscope is a series of calculations already set according to your birth. This will neither predict your life, not be an EXACT prediction of the future – but a series of very carefully calculated probabilities that may affect your life in general!

Fact #2 – Gemology and Beliefs
An astrological ring or “Navratan” Amulet is well known in India;Remember, that Gemology is a science which is as ancient as Indian Civilization, and much of the ancient world has practiced this science in similar beliefs over thousands of years! There is much truth and scientific reality behind Gemology.

Fact #3 – Numerology and It’s Philosophy
Of late, people have been advertising as distinct “Numerologists” apart from other astrologers in Mumbai and other cities in India. It is wise to know that Numerology is only a smaller part of Astrology as a whole; and there are many more philosophies that must be counter-calculated and merged with Numerology to be effective in helping you make your life better!

Fact #4 – Reading the Stars
The study of planetary movement and the science behind Astronomy was developed in India; and the astrological use of this science is a major part of Global astrological studies and sciences today! Astrologers in Mumbai are merely following an ancient Indian science related to mathematics; and not “Predicting” using any kind of “Magic” or “Religion”.

Fact #5 – Palmistry and Realities
If you’re doing a lot of rough work with your hands; there may be extra lines / scars on your palm. Remember that this WILL NOT AFFECT YOU! Any professional astrologer in Mumbai or India will ‘Read’ certain patterns on your palm which you were born with – and reveal more about the current state of your mind and body than “Future” and “Fate”!

Fact #6 – Professional Astrology
While there are many individuals offering “Professional” services of an astrologer; in Mumbai – you have to be extra careful. Make sure you’re not being drawn into any scams or lured into paying a person only claiming to know Astrology.

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