Significance of Stars in Astrology

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December 10, 2015
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February 4, 2016

Astrology uses the position of the stars and planets to ascertain the reasons behind the various incidents in human life. This science makes use of the knowledge of astronomy for the purpose. Fixed stars are an important part of astrology because they form a significant part of the birth chart that is drawn for predicting one’s future. The star in itself is not an indicator of events but it has to conjunct with a planet to lay a significant effect on someone’s life. The effect that it creates is usually for life.

The significance of the fixed stars is influenced by the characteristics of the planets that they bear. They sometimes cause bodily impairment. For instance a star with the influence of Mars may bring accidents and injuries while one with the signs of Venus may cause blood disorders. Again if it has the traits of Saturn then chronic weakness or illness is likely. A malefic star is responsible for mental problems and haste. The famous astrologers in mumbai are experts in reading the significance of the stars in human life and making people aware of its influence.

The importance of the stars has long been recognized in astrology and the study has been actively pursued by famous astrologers in Mumbai. These do not follow an elliptical path like the planets and the name was used to distinguish them from the planets. The fixed stars are important because they connect cosmic powers with energies which together create an impact on human life. It has been observed that talented people have important stars present on their birth charts which change the course of their life completely. Thus it is important to draw the charts properly and get the placements of all the planets and stars right so that the predictions are correct.

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