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October 29, 2015
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January 1, 2016
Astrology is a very useful method for taking a look into what future has in store for us.  Famous astrologers effectively directs you in whom your future will move by considering different planetary positions and by using their knowledge of science of stars.

In the following sections let us look at some of other details related to astrology which will help you understand the power astrology has.


A Look into Strong Points of Astrology

The main aspect of astrology is that it completely depends upon the astrologer. Best astrologer in Thane can effectively predict your future with higher accuracy as compared to someone who does not have the necessary knowledge of astrology.

Often another problem which causes prediction to fail is of incomplete or wrong information, as for instance, wrong date and time details about person’s birth.


Value of Sun Signs

Any good astrologer takes help of ascendant information as well as details of sun sign for making correct predictions.

As for instance, if your sun sign is Gemini which ascendant is Aries, then experienced astrologers check forecast for both signs to provide you with most accurate prediction about your future.


Lines of Palm

Astrologers in Thane also make use of palmistry and palm lines for predicting future events in your life.

Generally, it is seen that such predictions are more often than not correct, as for instance, in case the fate line has a break then it indicates setback in person’s career and is found to be true for most people.


Planetary Positions

In this world every incidence is perfectly time, as for example, if planets Sun and the Saturn are at loggerheads then almost always it happens that notable luminaries lose their lives.

There are good examples of this happening throughout the history as noticed with death of people like YSR Reddy, Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

These luminaries lost lives in different eras but the important thing is that at the time of their death the above mentioned planets were found to be at loggerheads.

Famous astrologers in Thane can easily confirm this fact and common people like us can attempt to modify our destiny by performing good karma.


Time of Birth

In astrology another important aspect that is used for predicting future is time of birth of the person. Time of birth holds significant value since it symbolizes the onset of your journey on planet Earth.

At the time of our birth the planets are in specific position and this planetary position has great influence on our destiny.

Using such information, astrologers in Thane have been able to predict occurrence of various events and most of the time those predictions have been correct.

Thus to summarize we will say that astrology can be very helpful in predicting our future and help us move in the right path as decided by our fate.

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