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October 31, 2018
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March 28, 2019

There are not many people who believe that numbers can change your life. There have been several pieces of evidence that how numerology has helped people understand themselves better and succeed in life. And, believing in numbers is not fate or magic, but it is science and study of the relationship that numbers and letters have with our life events and how they can be used to gain a better perspective of life. Everything that exists in the universe has some vibration, and so does numbers. Numerology suggests that each figure and letters have their different wave which affects our lifestyle. They have a relationship with our personality, and this ancient metaphysical science is one of the most proven and robust tools that can be used today for self-evaluation. Here, are specific facts which one needs to know about numerology to understand how they can change our lives. There are several numerologists in Mumbai where one can consult.

1) Numerology is not predicting what your future is or what is going to happen in the future, who is going to be your life partner, how much success are you going to get in the future. No, it is a science which makes people aware of the fact that where they stand right now and what potential does the person have. Many times in life, we become lethargic, not just physically and mentally. We stop at a place, and our growth is inhibited. Numerology helps us to understand where exactly we should be and how much stagnant have we become now. This stepping stone enables you to realize what is best you can do for yourself.

2) It is always motivating to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Numerology motivates people to move forward in their life, no matter what, by ensuring that they are going to get success at the end of the day. It is not fate, and people will have to work to achieve the goals. It just motivated the human enough that he can fight against the odds and move forward in life.

3) Numerology also helps someone to accept his short-comings. It is undeniable that people are going to have flaws and there s nothing to be ashamed about it. Numerology helps an individual to understand that he is on the right path and even though he has flaws, there is a meaningful purpose in his life. It is also a tool which helps in understanding yourself and others even better.

4) Numerology helps in revealing the potential that one has. When someone is aware of his potential and knows how great he can do in the future, he is motivated enough to work towards it. Numerology shows people how much opportunities they are capable of graving in future and how they can make the most out of each of these opportunities. It is also helpful because one can forecast their future to some extent and hence, plan it accordingly.

Having a blueprint of life is not a bad thing to do. It gives a new direction in life and also makes one aware of the strengths and weaknesses that the person has. People can also use numerology to plan significant events of life and make it even better.

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