Things To Consider While Consulting a Numerologist

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March 25, 2019

Numerology is the belief of the divine or a connection between a number and various multiple coinciding events. It is also the study of numbers and their effects by studying names or words or any idea. The term neurologist can be put as someone who puts their belief in various numerical patterns and draws conclusions from them. It is basically the study of numbers and how they can affect you in various ways. You can uncover a lot of information and decipher the universal signs too by this technique. It is quite similar to astrology but the main difference lies in the fact that it uses numbers as it’s the main factor to determine a lot about an individual and it is said that a lot can be uncovered just by using this technique.

Who is a Numerologist?

A Numerologist is someone who studies the various significant numerological numbers of someone’s life or an event to predict the future based on the past and present events that have already taken place. This practice dates back to many years so as even the great mathematician Pythagoras and his methods of numerology still have relevance to date in this modern world. Some of the best numerologists in Mumbai are well-known figures of today like Mr. Amit Lamba, Mr. Sanjay B Jumaani, Mrs. Rashmi Jhaabd many more. Numerologists also write in magazines and make people aware of the benefits of numerology through various other methods. They accurately breakdown your life path number, expression number and various other significant numbers in your life and find you an accurate prediction of your future.

How does Numerology work:

How it works is very complicated and it needs a specialist to give accurate readings but once it is done, it can tell a lot about someone’s personality or their behavior as all of the information is out there and based on these numbers but they are in a cryptic format, waiting to be deciphered and a numerologist knows how to do it. The main idea is that the universe and you are affected by things like your birthday, name and many other factors and upon application of further studied upon them, one can get a lot of insights upon someone. All of the universes can be broken down into numbers and the interpretation of the correct meaning of the numbers can tell a lot about an individual.

Numerology life path number:

Your Numerological life path number is the most important number of your life and determines a lot of your traits like your personality and your behavior. It also conveys a lot about the challenges you shall face and about the various opportunities in your way too. There are various ways of various cultures for the study if numbers but mostly all of them include a sort of addition of numbers and then either division or modulus of the result on and on till there is only a single digit number left. For example, the addition of your birthday digits and then modulus by 9 of the result, repeat till you are left with a single digit number.

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