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October 1, 2018
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Palmistry is the art of foretelling the fortune and future of a person as well as their personality, through the reading of the lines on the palm. Palmistry is also known as Chiromancy and it can be traced back to hundreds of years, to ancient cultures around the world. In Europe, the mystical gypsies, earned repute for their accurate reading of the palms, during the medieval ages. Today palmistry is practiced by regular astrologers who advise people from all spheres of life including, businessmen, students, married couples, and just about anyone who is looking for astrological advice for crucial life decisions. While astrology, in general, has long been dismissed as a pseudoscience, by skeptics, there are equal numbers who swear by their predictions and can vouch for their accuracy. If you are looking for astrologers in the maximum city, chances are you are bound to come across numerous palmist in Mumbai, that is plying their trade. In this article today we will discuss some interesting facts about palmistry:

  • Personality: Palmistry can not only reveal a lot about your life trajectory and choices in career, partners etc, it also reveals a lot about one’s personality. The major lines on the palm, including lifeline, heartline, mindline, have a lot of clues as to the nature of an individual. Palmistry encompasses not only the foretelling but can also reveal a lot about the present and immediate future.

  • Past life: Ever thought that palmistry is only about the present and the future? You couldn’t be more wrong, as palmistry can also reveal a lot about a person’s previous life and any traumatic experience faced during childhood.

  • Beyond lines: Beyond the numerous major and minor lines on a palm, palmistry also studies the structure of the hand and also considers the various mounts on the palm for secondary information.

  • Color, strength, and texture: the color strength and texture of the lines, indicate the quality of the fortune. This is especially true in the case of health lines, which are an indicator of a person’s long-term health. The deeper, darker, and broaden the lines, the higher the chances of leading a healthy life.

  • Left and Right: Since the lines on each of the palms are different, there are certain methods to determine the accuracy of the readings, based on the left or right palm. In general, the dominant hand is considered to be an indicator of the present and the future, and the other hand holds the key to the past life of an individual.

  • The number of lines: An average person has around 30 major and minor lines on his/her palm. Having less number of lines is considered to be a sign of strong fortune and luck!

We have told you briefly about some interesting facts involving palmistry. We hope this guide has been fun and informative for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding palmistry or astrology in general. Thank you for reading!

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