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May 6, 2015
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People with star sign of Aries are considered to be of frank nature, have high spirits and are very candid. They have good passion and deep affection which helps them gel well with others. The only thing which they need to control is their natural aggressiveness as well as possessiveness.

Compatibility between Aries and other Star Signs
1) Compatibility with Taurus: According to famous astrologers in Pune people with star sign of Taurus are known for their earthly nature which gets appreciated by Aries people who are more outwardly by nature.

2) Compatibility with Gemini: There are quite a few similarities between Gemini and Aries where both are restless by nature, are anxious and are eager to do new things in their life.

3) Compatibility with Cancer: Aries people are quite extrovert while people with Cancer star sign are known to be introvert. Apart from that it can become difficult for an Aries to bear the mood swings of Cancer person.

4) Compatibility with Leo: As per famous astrologers in Pune by nature people of both these signs are aggressive and dominating. However, the warm, vibrant and extrovert nature of a Leo will always be appreciated by an Aries.

5) Compatibility with Virgo: Those with a Virgo star sign generally have a practical outlook, are caring and shy by nature. The possessive nature of Aries helps a Virgo feel more secure in such friendship.

6) Compatibility with Libra: Passion and emotions signify a Libra and such people generally appreciate the aggressive and impetuous nature an Aries has.

7) Compatibility with Scorpio: Both are known for their positive attitude and this helps in creating better understanding between them. A Scorpio is emotional, intense, sensitive and determined by character which is appreciated by an Aries.

8) Compatibility with Sagittarius: There are many common characteristics between them like enthusiasm, positive as well as optimistic nature.

9) Compatibility with Capricorn: Both are determined to succeed which helps this relationship. But issue such as lack of expression Capricorn suffers from often creates problems between them.

10) Compatibility with Aquarius: Aquarius tends to appreciate the initiative taking nature of an Aries. Both have great passion which assists in creating good bonding between them.

11) Compatibility with Pisces: An Aries looking for emotional support often falls back on a Pisces since they have caring nature. But Pisces find it hard to handle the aggressive nature Aries have.

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