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November 18, 2014
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May 6, 2015

A good number of astrologers believe that if you want to have the favour of Saturn, you will have to create yourself a sacred space and time. This sacred space and time can be accomplished by temporarily splitting yourself up to an external space anywhere in the west part of the house. Make sure the place is quiet and keep a candle in front of you. You have to sit for several weeks in the same spot to meditate and pray ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ 7 times a day. Soon the time will come when you will feel peace and calm. As an excellent astrologer from Mumbai, I feel like when Saturn passes on the moon (alias Sade Sati) it teaches every human being, how to maintain their dignity.

Try to enter into a sacred space and time when there is no one around to bother you. Release some fragrance into the room and place a small amount of any milk product in front of you. This milk product will absorb some of the vibration you generate as you read and hear the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. As you consume this milk product at the end of your reading those vibration will be carried deep into your tissues where they will slowly work and activate your consciousness. Being one of best astrologers in Mumbai, I would consider Saturn to be a hard planet which does not fail to give results under the influence of other planets, not even when it is combust in conjunction with Sun; as Saturn is deemed to be son of Sun.

In regards of strength and influence there are only two planets that could be compared to Saturn; Mars and Rahu. Rahu is a shadow planet and whenever it’s in conjunction with Saturn, Rahu enhances the strength and influence of Saturn. Saturn is believed to be a messenger amid the planets. Saturn is the lord of communication and it is also remarkable that Saturn is the slowest planet amongst all planets. On an average Saturn takes two and half years in transit from one Rashi to another.

While giving prediction about Saturn, every good astrologer has to keep in mind that the transit depends on Saturn’s positions on the Navamsha chart. Saturn represents the grief of zodiac personified in Indian astrology. The apparel attributed to Saturn is a rag. A lot of famous astrologers recommend Saturn to be tamsik planet. If in any nativity the tamsik planet is strong, the native will be short tempered, indolent and long-sleeper. The people under the influence of Saturn have gaunt eyes and emaciated body. My observations are that the person under the influence of Saturn has dark complexion, the person is muscular, unkind and foolish, has thick nails and large teeth, has thick and coarse hair and the person would be dirty, impure and adore black apparel.

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