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September 20, 2016
Modern vs. Traditional Perspective of Astrology
November 22, 2016

In the Indian society, the role played by astrology and astrologers is very well-known. The positions of the stars and the significance of their movements are emphasized and considered right from the birth. In today’s age and time, with the advancement of technology and the mobile applications trending, people tend to attempt to find the solutions to their dilemma and struggles through the internet. As helpful as the technology might be, the solutions provided on the websites and mobile applications render an inadequate answer to the seekers. For a complete review >and understanding of the solution of the various problems, the astrologers in Mumbai provide the most advantageous help.

New scientific ways to predict the future and provide perfect solutions are being adapted by astrologers. Astrologers have been providing various ways to read the present and predict the future. While still keeping the traditional horoscope reading as the most popular belief, various astrologers in Mumbai have been adapting to the new age methods of Tarot Card reading, Feng Shui, Psychic reading, Palmistry, Numerology and many more. They are well adept in providing accurate solutions to the seekers.
In the present time and age, the main struggles of the seekers are related to studies, work, marriage and health. The pressure to study well, the race to find a decent job or to well establish and run a business, healthy life and a happily married life are the main concerns. The position and movement of the various stars and planets are considered to affect these. The best astrologers in Mumbai have been helping people find the answers by studying the positions of these stars.
As a remedy for the various problems of the seekers the Hindu astrology provides with specific poojas, mantras and hawans. There are stones and gems suggested by the Vedas that help ward off the negativity and evil. Strengthening of Saturn, Mars or Sun or, improving Rahu, solutions for various doshas or to strengthen all the Navagrahas; the Hindu astrology has given us solutions for all. The astrologers in Mumbai have been providing with such options and guidance to perform poojas and hawans.
Astrology studies the influence of the stars and planets in relation to the events or human behaviour. It is based on the premise that the position of the stars and planets at the time of people’s birth affects their personality, career, relationships and also tells their future. While reading a traditional Hindu astrological chart Rasi, Nakshatra, Dasha, Graha, Yoga, Bhavas and Drishti are the aspects that are considered. The Hindu astrology is divided into three categories or Skandas; Siddhanta or Ganita Skanda: astronomy and its applications, Samhita Skanda: related to important events, vaastu shastra and portents and omens and Hora Skanda: predictive astrology (reading of horoscopes).
The astrologers in Mumbai have a vast knowledge of the astrological influences in the daily life of humans. To find a solution and find the positivity we all look for in our daily lives, contact the best astrologers in Mumbai.

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