5 Most Fascinating Facts About Astrology

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March 31, 2016
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June 1, 2016

Irrespective of whether people believe in astrology or not, they are certainly drawn to it. Many people read the predictions, but tend to accept/look forward to only positive predictions and dismiss the negative ones. This shows the popularity and the fascination that people have towards astrology regardless of their beliefs.

Most of the people, especially those in India consult astrologers in thane and elsewhere before taking up any auspicious activity or event. Presenting five of the numerous fascinating facts that one needs to know about astrology and its impact on human lives.

1. Astrology from the annals of history
The ancient Babylonians devised a system of reading the skies and predicting actions. A Greek philosopher had put forth the idea that the universe is composed of four basic elements, fire, water, air and earth. Consequently the twelve signs of the zodiac were divided into four groups, Fire – Aries, Sagittarius and Leo; Water – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces; Air – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini; Earth – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. As any good astrologer in thane and elsewhere would explain, astrology is a predictive art based on science.

2. Astrology in a nutshell
The relationship between the positions of the celestial bodies and the life of an individual is astrology. To delve deeper, it means that the patterns of the celestial bodies at the time of birth of an individual governs his nature or personality. An added influence would be the reaction of the individual to the environment or situations during growth, which is what we know as temperament. The Chinese zodiac is entirely different from the zodiac of the West, centred as it is around the Emperor.

3. Lunar influence on humans and oceans
It is the belief of astrologers in thane and all over the world that humans and the earth’s oceans share the same effects and influence the moon wields upon them. The basic premise is that as the human body consists of 75% water, the effect on the oceans and humans is bound to be the same.

4. Nostradamus and his accurate predictions
The most famous and acclaimed astrologer till date has been Nostradamus. His predictions have never failed, and his interpretations are the subject of incredible volumes of research by astrologers including good astrologer in thane. Some of the research is ongoing. Most of the incidents that had a profound influence on the world were predicted by Nostradamus long before the incidents actually occurred. This has given him an aura of mystery that many find difficult to ignore, even in the face of rapid advances of science and rationalist theories.

5. New beliefs and science
Astrocartography is the science of predicting the happiest place on the planet for individuals based on their geographical location, by comparison of birth chart with various locations across the earth. With the help of technology and by computing data, astrologers have been able to fairly read new patterns and understand the significance of incidents, happenings and correlate the same to birth data.

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