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Clarifying the concept of Astrology

Astrology covers a wide spectrum of knowledge and creation. Thus often it gets difficult to exactly define astrology in layman term. The true meaning of astrology is thus can be understood by two sects of people; one who have ample knowledge about it and another who really have interest about it. The mediocrity people who have a two sided opinion are easily convinced by the fact that astrology is a superstition. Therefore it can be concluded that astrology is for those who wants to believe in it and thus are benefited from it.

Astrology means study of stars.

Now moving ahead in this context , Astrologers in Mumbai define astrology as the study of stars. The various eventual movements in the celestial world make a very strong impact in our day to day life about which most of us are unaware and naturally give the excuse of fate in very little mishap. . An astrologer in Mumbai knows that astrology is simply the key to this unknown world of stars. After understanding the whole concept we are one of the Best Astrologer in Mumbai & Best Astrologer in Pune

In my opinion, the controversy about astrology chiefly arises because people confuse astrology with fortune- telling and think of it as some black magic or witch craft,which it most certainly not .In actual fact ,astrology is a tool both for self -understanding and self-devolopment.

How the astrologers do predicts the fortune?

Let me describe it in a most up to date way. The most important machines of this era is the computer. Most of our official and personal jobs in our lives are dependent on this machines but neither we can provide instruction to the computer in the language that it knows and nor it can give the output in the language we know thus we need an interface. Similarly although most of fortune and misfortune in our everyday living depends on the movement of the planet and stars but we cannot understand anything from it. Thus we as an Best Astrologer in Mumbai can define astrologers are the interface between celestial world that is the stars and the planet and the terrestrial world that is human world.

Thus in one sentence astrology holds the secret ingredients of the medicine that can at least act as a vaccination to prevent stressful life.

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