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Vastu Shastra Consultant

  • Vastu Shastra is the science of construction evolved out from the traditional view that laws of nature effect human dwelling. This concept of Vastu Shastra is based on the directional alignment and is profoundly used in Hindu architecture. The temples in India were building following the calculation of Vastu Shastra in ancient times and now vastu shastra has made its revival in building habitat of human. Now we all agree with the fact that our home in which we dwell in is not less than any shrine because we learn all the art of survival in this place. Thus we all are concern to make it a very peaceful and positive place.

    Vastu shastra function on several principles. First and foremost it’s one of the basic principle is calculations. For proportional relationships in building Maana is focused and another Hindi term Aayaadi which determines the well-being and benefits of the dwellers of the habitat.

    The living planet earth beholds the secret of five basic elements.

    There are eight planets in our solar system and among the eight only earth holds life sustaining cosmos. And this is possible because there is perfect balance of the five basic element of nature.

    The five basic element of nature are :

    EARTH (Bhumi) - It is often indicated as the soil on which the entire living world is surviving. The earth has magnetic field that attracts North Pole and South Pole and creates a gravitational pull that makes life possible. This magnetic field created by earth has a considerable effect on the human life.

    WATER (Jal) - We all knows that water is another name of life. This exists on earth in three form –liquid (river, sea, and rain), gas (steam, cloud) and solid (ice). The existence of all three of this form in an appropriate amount is very essential for the maintenance of life on earth.

    AIR (Vayu) - One of the most power sources of life. The composition of the content of the air in its appropriate proportion is the most needed fact for life to sustain.

    FIRE (Agni) - The fire the most powerful element. The right proportion of this element is very important because a little less or little more will totally misbalance the life cycle.

SPACE(Akasha) - This is the most primary conductor of all the energy sources
including physical, psychosocial and cognitive. It is even the shelter to all the above elements.

Directions are the basis of vastu shastra. Each direction is ruled by different Gods.


The alignment of the different part of the house must be focused depending these Gods. Following Vastu Shastra is a basic step towards bringing peace, prosperity and happiness in your home.

Why Dr. S. Hazra?

Dr. S. Hazra is a famous Vastu consultant in Mumbai, known for providing the best Vastu Shastra solutions concerning domestic as well as business infrastructures. With his profound knowledge of Vastu Shastra, Dr. Hazra has positively changed lives of many people by providing Vastu remedies. He is one of the best Vastu Shastra consultants in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Vastu Consultant in Mumbai

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