Significance of Astrology in Match Making!

Match making is one of the most important constituents of marriage and as such astrology plays a vital role in this whole process. Checking the horoscope during match making helps in finding whether there is right compatibility between two people so that they can have a happy and fruitful married life.

Let us now go through some other facts which highlight the importance of hiring an astrologer in Mumbai in the match making process.

Match making and Significance of Astrology

Importance of Kundli Matching: Kundli matching at the time marriage is of critical importance since it helps in finding out compatibility between boy and the girl with the use of astrological predictions. Such kundli matching ensures that a viable relationship can develop after marriage.

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Importance of Horoscope in Astrology

Many individuals refer their horoscopes at the time of important events like marriage & birth of child to their family astrologer to get an idea of the event’s outcome. A horoscope is a scientific arrangement of the Planets as they are placed at the time of birth of the child. In fact, the planets and their position is said to play an effective role in the life of any individual.

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Getting the Best from Astrology!

Astrology to some is the world of the unknown and for some it is a place where everything is known. With the help of astrology, it is believed that a whole lot of things may be controlled or carried out in a better way and all for good measure because the world would definitely do well by knowing things that may affect life in an adverse manner and control it or at least have the courage to face things in a better way. The same holds true for an individual life, and when it comes to personal life, very often people have help in the form of astrology. However, it makes sense to accept and believe only the best astrologers because a wrong advice may make things worse. As an example, when searching for good astrologers in Pune, it is advisable to make a thorough study about the credentials and background of the astrology practitioners before taking help.

Being sure about the astrologer before taking actual help makes way for a transparent and trustworthy relationship. In things that are divine and known only to the selected few, one must be extra careful about who they trust. By way of astrology one may be able to resolve a whole lot of problems or find solutions and respite from a number of hassles but the truth is that the best results are found only when the most famous astrologers are chosen for the job. It is especially necessary that in pursuit of finding solutions and help, one must not get duped because just as astrology helps in the resolution of the unknown, people who pretend to help are more harmful than good. Taking the aide of good astrology ensures that one is prepared for the challenges that future poses and at times also finds ways to deal with the challenges but the only requirement is that the choice of astrologer must be made wisely and with all the background information about the astrologer at hand.

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Star Sign Information : Aries

People with star sign of Aries are considered to be of frank nature, have high spirits and are very candid. They have good passion and deep affection which helps them gel well with others. The only thing which they need to control is their natural aggressiveness as well as possessiveness.

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Effects Of Birth Date On Career & Personality – Number 1

Birth date plays a major role in showcasing the personality of a person & the same number impacts the person’s career too. Let us discuss about the person with the Number 1.

You will be having leadership tendency and you will always prefer to work independently. You are extremely ambitious and have a lot of courage. You always prefer to be self employed. You are an innovator, self reliant, confident and energetic. You have abilities at owning and independently managing a business and on work you always prefer to have freedom.

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Justice Of Saturn!

A good number of astrologers believe that if you want to have the favour of Saturn, you will have to create yourself a sacred space and time. This sacred space and time can be accomplished by temporarily splitting yourself up to an external space anywhere in the west part of the house. Make sure the place is quiet and keep a candle in front of you. You have to sit for several weeks in the same spot to meditate and pray ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ 7 times a day. Soon the time will come when you will feel peace and calm. As an excellent astrologer from Mumbai, I feel like when Saturn passes on the moon (alias Sade Sati) it teaches every human being, how to maintain their dignity.

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The Invisible Fates!

Om Sadhuvallbhaya NamahAs the best astrologer in Mumbai, I present my knowledge after paying my obeisance to Mahadeva Lord Shiva, the creator of the Universe and the scriptor of the stars. May the Greatest God grant me the knowledge to realize the glory of his creation in the dance of the planets.

Any famous astrologer in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore will inform you that planets can be benefic or malefic, depending on their relative positions, calculated with mathematical accuracy. Light and dark, or the day and night both are inseparable elements of balance. Some planets are more on the light side or blessings (benefic), while others rule the darkness or curses (malefic). Jupiter and Venus are the most merciful planets, and their blessings are balanced by curse energies from Shani, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu.

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