2017 would be good year for you, your personal relationship will be improved. Some time your personal feelings may run rampant for a few week but end of the year life will be settled. First half of the year you may have some stress but second half onwards your mental anxiety going to be minimize. Financial gains are indicating on your birth chart, you will be getting good opportunity in your carrier, your personal life would be smooth last few years whatever stress you had it's going to be resolved. This is very good time to get married. Your spouse would be doing well, your mother's health will be improved, your confidence and energy while being wildly creative, second half of the year you will ready to take more responsibility at your office, end of the year you may feel yourself to be a more matured and refined person. Second half of the year you may plan to buy your own house. you may shift to another city or country to have better opportunity. Your boss will be very much happy with your performances and you could be rewarded because of that. Some issue could be there in your workplace especially in mid of the year your close associates will try to spoil your reputation & you may take some wrong calls so before taking any important calls you need to think twice . Single Aries will be able to find potential partner someone who doesn't want to intimidate all of sudden may appear on your horizon, you need to restraint yourself, end of the year your relationship will be matured finally you may think to settle down. Student have to be very slog to achieve their goal. All n all 2017 going to be a successful year for you.


2017 whatever stress you had going to be minimize. New avenues of opportunities in career will open up but things won't happen themselves. You need to act and embrace them wholeheartedly. Planets are transiting to harmonious zones, which will lead to happiness in children matters. Your creative spark will fire up this year. It will be a good time to indulge in artistic and innovative pursuit . your mother also needs to be careful about her health issue. Misunderstanding could be the cause of stress in your personal life. You also need to be careful about your health. second half of the year some medical expenses could be the cause of your financial stress. In 2017 you may start something new and may be choose a new direction for some part of your life, mentally you have been preparing yourself since last year now this is time to implement. Second half of the year financial pressure could be there it's advisable not to take any unwanted financial risk try to play safe game as much as possible. The needle on your relationship may be pointing towards comfort more than passion for little while. One of your close friend will try to spoil your reputation so don't trust every one blindly. Good opportunities could missed out because of health You will have lots of opportunities and there would be new ideas and creative outlets which will give you name, fame and a rise in your status. Further career and activity will take another jump after the 11th September 2017 and progress and hard work will be present throughout. Minor challenges will come in due to health issues. Health may require more attention middle of the year. Single Taurus would be able to find their match, number of date meetings and connections could happen this year, you need to respect your hearts hunches and opinions. It's advisable before getting married you should match your horoscope properly otherwise after a year or so you may face some stress in your personal relationship. Student would not able to concentrate on their studies they need to be more focused. Don't wear black color dress try to wear white colors as much as possible .


2017 would be stressful year for you. You will be having lot of mental stress. Your personal life could be stressful. Your spouse will have health issue. This year your work load could be increase sometimes you may feel low. You may have to travel a lot because of work pressure you won't be able to attend your family ceremony. All of sudden some unwanted expenses will come on your way it could be medical expenses, so don't ignore any minor health issue otherwise it will become major health issue. The movement of Saturn transit to Sagittarius is in your seventh house, personal relationships, partners and joint projects. Mostly this would have a negative impact and could build up resistance and hurdles in this aspect of life. You will find some amount of luck that your spouse would experience during this period and the status and position of spouse would rise due to the affect of Saturn. However you might find your projects and work might have some amount of hurdles While signing any agreement or contract with opposite community people you need to careful. You might face some legal issue as well. Destiny would not be that much supporting you with a great result only thing is you need to be polite towards your associates. Second half of the year offers a chances to take a second look at any agreement or commitment you made earlier this year. Single Gemini look forward to a lots of social activity and meeting people this year. Your good taste of fun loving attitude draws people to you in mid of the year. This year you will take inspiration for life those who around. your simplicity to adapt to any sort of situations around that your greatest asset. Personal life would not be smooth some misunderstanding could be there between you and your spouse. you may travel to abroad with your spouse for long holiday to resolve your personal issue. You need to very caution about your health otherwise health could be the cause of stress. Student may plan to go abroad for their higher studies, they will be doing well. Over all this would be ups and down year for you.


2017 would be better year compare to 2016. First half of the year you may feel financially stressed, lot of unwanted expenses will come on your way. you have put more energy to enhance your career. People associated in politics and social media will get many chances to grow. Also trust in your support network, which includes close friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. This is the year to think locally and act locally, which ultimately becomes the same as thinking and acting globally. Planetary configuration indicate that you could face roadblocks in success at work and in the domestic life. Though there would be upward trends in fortune, but these trends will not follow a consistent pattern. In the family life and professional success, improvement would come about in the second half of the year. Someone your close associates will try to spoil your reputation so don't trust every one blindly. You might gain something from foreign land while traveling or business tour. Friends and associates will be very supportive till second half of the year, you also take good care of yourself so that you can properly be there for love ones and friends if they need you. Family and friends are highlighted in all the best ways with little or no extra stress or complications singles lots of admirers and love prospects are out there for you this year so relax and enjoy. Second half of the year you will be getting into a serious relationship or those who are already into relationship they will be finally get married. Because of office work you may have to stay out from your family or else you may have to travel very frequently to another city or country. you need to very choose while having outside food otherwise liver problem could be the cause of worry, overall health would be fine. Financial growth would be there but investment in real estate you should think twice. You may have to handle two three project at a time, some visitor who had come to you last year they may approach to you with better idea. Try to discuss things with partner before finalize. Those who are into medical profession they will be doing very well they will be able to proceed their further higher studies. Regular exercise is to be suggested to keep you healthy. Overall 2017 is going to be good year for you.


2017 going to be good year compare to 2016 financially you will be doing well this year. You will be getting lot of opportunity in your career. This year is going to be very positive financially, you could expect satisfactory income and gains. However, expenses may rise too, thus the year demands from you to control the urge to splurge. Any overhead expenses and temptation to go on a spending spree must be restrained. Second half of the year your personal relationship will start improving your tension would be less. This year bringing you good luck and new opportunities but also the temptation to enjoy the things in life in excess. Only thing is that you need to be aware of maintaining or improving your personal integrity. Let the world see more of the true you in 2017, Leo! Work hard at what you love and have more fun doing it. People around will enjoy working with you, you can have fun in your social life too. Workload could be increase in your office, business man may face shortage of manpower. some of you won't be able to deliver the things on time. Your associates would be very much supportive to you. May onwards your financial stress would be less. Whatever misunderstanding you had in your personal life it's going to be minimize feb 2017 onwards. Second half of the year your mental as well as financial pressure going to be minimize. Don't trust anyone blindly. You may take some wrong calls in your career so before taking final calls you should think twice. Make wise decisions at home and assume the authority that friends and family members are assigning to you. first half of the year there could be coldness in your personal relationship but second half of the year you may returns with the feelings of warmth both of you so deeply desire. Single Leo they would be able to find their match, second half of the year is good time to get married. You don't have to say to much to attract attention from opposite sex, you can draw romantic prospects from opposite sex. You need to control your ego at office sometimes your seniors may not be happy with your proposal you need to handle that situation very tactfully. Overall health would be fine only you should be careful about lower back pain and cold n cough. All in all 2017 would be better year for you.


2017 would be very favorable for Virgo mainly 1st half of the year, lot of good opportunity going to knock on your door you have to be very selective while choosing them. you will be able to achieve your target. Friends and associates would be very supportive financially you will be doing very well. There can be some rift in personal life. For Virgo 2017 will be strong feelings, opinion and a great drive to succeed. It may be hard to think straight all the time amidst so much activity and busting daily life but you will try to serve your best .your spouse also will be doing very well, those who are into financial sector they will be able to serve their best. Financial gains are indicating on your birth chart. You can go for new investment. Family may require more attention, you will be able to reestablish your bond with your spouse. Brush up on your public speaking skill, you will be able to present your idea to your associates and they will listen to you because it's worth these all will happen because of positive mercury. Singles may find their perfect match , a casual date may become a life partner. Most of single virgo will be getting married but it's going to be arranged marriage and your parents also would be very much happy with your decisions . Someone different may appeal to you from time to time but your best bets are still you're more familiar types of romantic matches. Student needs to be more focused on their studies they may travel to abroad for higher studies. Second half of the year health could be the cause of worry don't let it happen take medical advice as soon as you realize. Sometimes you may feel low. Regular exercise will help you to keep fit n healthy , take break go for holiday with family to regain your energy. Overall this year going to be very good for you in all aspect.


You will be doing very well compare to last four years, you had lot of mental anxiety last four years but this year you will getting lot of good opportunity in your career. Our personal life also would be smooth from aug onwards. Your shani sade sati is over now so no stress at all in your personal life. You might get into a new relationship which eventually end up in marriage. Financially you will be doing well & you may get some relief in debt of loan. Those who into business they will be able to regain their financial loses. Your senior would be very much happy with your performance you will be rewarded for that. Success is assured in matters related to property 2017 promises a new cycle of events in your life which had been lying low for last few years. Some of you are likely to show true self during testing times. Let your presence be heard in your office that will help you to make good impressions in your path. First half of the year you should avoid taking hasty decisions. You might take some wrong call in your career so before taking any decisions you need to think twice. Plenty of affectionate fun all year long may come back to you. You will be able to find your soulmate this year. Flighty casual types of relationship will have less appeal and be less pleasurable in 2017. Your relationship with your spouse would be smooth now you must have learnt a lesson from past how to tackle situation, personal relationship with your partner will start improving all the problems you were annoyed with for long time may snowball rapidly. Second half of the year you might start new project with associates student will perform well they may plan to go abroad for further studies. More or less health would be fine. You may plan to buy new house. You will be gaining lots of money. Regular exercise will help you to keep feet, sportsperson will be doing very well second half of the year they will be able to overcome their crisis. All in all it's going to be good year for Libra.


2017 Scorpion will be having lots of personal as well as financial stress. Your personal life going to be very stressful. Because of personal stress you won't be able to concentrate on your work. 2017 would require you to make considerable efforts in order to get a taste of success. You would feel motivated, courageous and would constantly work harder with a goal-oriented approach. You might lose your reputation someone you're close mate will try to spoil your reputation. This time you should take a lesion how to tackle with difficult situation in life. Be cool and a bit distant if necessary in first half of the year when instincts are tested and people become harder to read. You will need extra effort almost everyday to not burn out or frazzle the people around you. Friends may not be that supportive they use to be. First half of the year you would feel lack of interest in many things. You may be inclined towards unscrupulous deeds and your stamina would also be down so you may feel like giving up on many challenges but, post October you would do very well and would become a winner in all areas of life. your mother's health will start improving those who have back or lower back pain post aug they will recover slowly. You may experience a greater passion to get involved in religion, spiritual groups or an occult field like astrology in order to gain more fulfillment in life. You are aiming to feel more in touch with the wider community and with other dimensions. Till second half the year your financial stress would be there after that you will feel financial relief. Those who are scorpion ascendant they had lot of health issue last two years post September their health will start improving. You might also notice the opposite behavior such as people not taking responsibility and blaming others for their own life situations. Try not to be too concerned about it. See if you can accept your resistance towards any such situation and be cautious not to condemn this behavior vigorously. The first victim of your anger will be yourself. This will help you to make yourself more stronger. Single scorpions love life is strongly impacted mid of the year turn down heat a bit maybe take a cool shower, and don't chase away someone great who can almost but not quite keep up with your quick peace. Student won't be able to perform well, some time they may feel lack of concentration. Overall 2017 will be ups and down.


2017 would not be that much favorable year for you this year going to be ups and down because your Saturn will be on your moon, you might face some unnatural and unexpected behavior from your friends and associates. Be methodical and then trust you around. Your consistency and hard work will help you not only reap your desired goals but also much appreciation and honor. Work might make you travel long distance this year. You will become more matured and you will be able to judge you true friend. People those who are around if the essence of their actions is based on love and compassion for everyone it implies progress, You can use this measure towards yourself as well. Always ask yourself the question if the action you intend to perform is beneficial to others and yourself. If the answer is yes, continue if the answer is no reconsider. You might have to struggle at the domestic front; your stress might elevate due to a family member's health ailment. During this time, you might also consider changing homes or relocating away from family. May onwards your financial stress going to be minimize. You will be getting good opportunity in your career. Don't delay to take final call otherwise you may miss out good opportunity. Your senior may not be happy with your performance. In order to succeed in 2017 you should focus on few and significant objectives, which you will be able to handle properly. New projects, that you want to develop quickly, might be slower or excessively demanding. You should not to get involved in a long-term project, and not expect immediate results. In this mind set if you work on it consistently and responsibly, after a while it will bring you great satisfactions. It is advisable that don't go for loan otherwise it could be cause of stress. Second half of the year your misunderstanding with your spouse may be increased. Your partner might have to face some difficulties regarding their health. Your mother will be having health issue all of sudden surgery could take place and that could the cause of your anxiety. First half of this year you may feel bit low. Single those who are looking some one more long term they may be more willing to give partner a second or third chance, personal relationship would be stressful lot of misunderstanding and that could be the cause of your underperformance. Student won't be able to perform well. To achieve your goal to have to be more slog. Over all 2017 is going to be ups n down. it's not a great year for you.


2017 going to be stressful year for you. People will not be that much supportive those who are around. your mother's health could be the cause of your stress. Those who are in job, they may consider a switch after September. It is also likely that they may adopt their hobby as their career during September to November. Be cautious during December as you may face some issues in career matters. You might go through some doubtful moment towards your family, all this tension that you are experiencing you will do whatever is necessary to find the solutions. Your Rashi Lord Saturn would test you and throw challenges and if you perform well with sincerity, it might bless you with many good things in life. Chances of a trip abroad exist in the 2017 Capricorn horoscope. If you have been planning to settle abroad or wish to go to foreign countries, 2017 is a promising year. You need to remember that you can't do everything by yourself. Make a new start in 2017 perhaps several minor ones. Let your heart and passion be your guides, be your own friend rather than your own enemy . More communication is the only way to get out here whatever misunderstanding you had. In 2017, if you choose to go away, it will be to find autonomy, to free yourself for something else, or to break out of a circle that has been closing you in and inhibiting your freedom though you will commit, or recommit, mindfully and thoughtfully, the other person will be affected more than once by your uncertainty. Once Jupiter, will transit to LIBRA in Aug, you will be able to expand your view of the world, boost your desire to be happy. At the end of the year you will be able to open up doors towards your associates . You would be more inclined towards religion or spirituality and may go in for pilgrimages during the year with your family or loved ones. In your family life, you have great compassion and energy this year. Single Capricorn will be able to find out their match, you may be more outgoing and casual, if you are interested in a more substantial romance spring and summer offer opportunities winter could be more casual. Second half of the year is better time to get married. Student will be able to perform well and may go to abroad for higher studies. Those who are into export business they will be doing very well. Post September they might get good order which will help them to make good amount of money. Health issue could be the cause of stress. 2017 would give mixed results and you should understand to maintain balance in various activities throughout the year as it would be the test of your capabilities and potential as evident . Overall, during this year, your effort would bring good results in your career and business.


This year going to be better compare to 2016 First half of 2017 is especially fruitful in terms of monetary gains, especially in real estate as well as foreign matters. Plenty of opportunities to acquire wealth would come up in the second half of the year, as luck seems to favor you now. You should always have to keep your mind and eyes open while dealing with opposite community people . New client will approach to you but you may be bit confuse who are the right one. Right companionship will continue to be an important area of your life. Close friends and family will be the source of emotional support and nourishment. you will tend to feel more emotional and sensitive toward family . Intuition will be strong and any psychic abilities to others. you may ask your senior to resolve work related issues. Your elevated intuition may eventually pay off more than you expected. Your mental stress would decrease and you would enjoy a better time that you deserve due to your hard efforts in past. Your labor would prove to be fruitful and you would attain gains. You may have a mysterious approach and it is likely that people around you may not understand you well but everyone would accept your efforts and would give you recognition. Your most awaited desires would fulfill during this year .Second half of the year some unexpected expenses could be the cause of your financial stress . Whatever misunderstanding you had with your spouse is going to be resolved. You will be able to spent quality time with your spouse . Your spouse would be very supportive to overcome your current situations . Student will not be able to concentrate on their studies , they need to be more focused towards their studies Post August they may plan for higher studies to abroad . Health would not be fine some of you may suffer with cold n cough knee pain etc . Friends and family will see how hard you work and won't slow you down. You will be able to keep your desires private and still shine and wonders for others. Single will be able find their perfect match post Sept is the ideal time to get married .


This year would be very good year for you whatever stress you had last years, you will be able to overcome in 2017. A lot of hard work and persistence would go into realizing your goals. But fortune is bounteous as you could land a wave of opportunities from overseas sources. Make use of these opportunities tactfully in order to reap the maximum benefits in this year. First half of the year your expenditure will be high ,sometimes you may feel low . first half of the you will be gaining good amount of money and that will stick with you without any hurdle. However, you have to be careful till August, as betrayals are possible. Your future cards witness you shopping for new things as well as getting success in saving money . First half of the year is likely to be more rewarding in terms of love, bringing in generous love opportunities. As the year comes to a close, things could turn troublesome. Those who are waiting for marriage long time they will be get married this year and parents would be happy with your decisions. Friends and associates will be very supportive. You should use full creative talent those who are into entertainment world. You will be able to achieve yours goal .Some of you may sift to different city or country for better opportunity. . You have got few good ideas on your mind which ultimately will be able to implement in 2017 . your boss may watch over your work but if you work sincerely and tactfully, they would give you good results. Period between February to May end could be quite tough and you need to work hard to get your work done and recognized and thereafter, during October & November, seniors may not favor you as much. You should be careful during these periods. Rest of the time is quite rewarding. The needle on your relationship may be positive towards comfort more than passion for little while. Second half of the year your personal relationship will be improved. Your spouse will be doing very well finally she will get promotions which was pending long back . Family friends help you keep a lid on the wild times and offer sanity, harmony and gentle fun and relaxation close to home. People will be having lots of expectation from you especially your close associates and you will be able to stands on their expectations . Health would be absolutely fine . Student will perform well they will be able to proceed their higher studies. Some of you may complete their higher education . Regular workout will help you to keep feet. Meditation would be the only way to restrain yourself calm and you will able take right call in right time. All in all its going to be good year for pisces.

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